Is a relapse a restart or a bump in the path to sobriety?

Here is the tragic truth, at least regarding getting sober in America. From the moment someone first asks for help to try to get sober, either by going to a treatment facility or by simply attending their first AA meeting, it takes an average of seven years before abstinence is attained to the person’s satisfaction.

‘I had everything a human being could ever ask for, but I felt utterly alone’: I was a physician dying of alcoholism and this is my story

The fight to continue to drink alcohol, and occasionally not to drink, over the prior 15 years had been a spectacular one.

By month seven, I had found an investor to start a company called Hayver Corp to develop technology to help people stay in long-term sobriety.

Americans Are Binge Drinking In An Alarming Way, According To A New Study, & Here’s What You Need To Know

If you’re worried about your binge drinking, or you think you may be alcohol dependent, there is help available, including a new app called Hayver that provides real-time, digitized visibility to support and monitor recovery success.

What is Bitcoin’s future?

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“I believe Bitcoin will continue to grow, but it won’t become the global cryptocurrency people use for daily transactions. A new currency will have to be created with a greater supply and a more efficient block creation method than Bitcoin,” Barry Hayut, CEO and Co-Founder of Hayver says.”
The Fintech Times explores the explosive world of financial technology in the UK, Europe, and the USA.

Crypto-Industry and Mass Adoption

Crypto industry and blockchain technology promise to drastically change established markets. However, the infrastructure of the crypto market is still very immature and need to be adapted to mass market to revolutionise the world.

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Barry Hayut, CEO and Co-Founder of Hayver, notes that immature infrastructure and instability makes crypto blockchain a poor choice for regular commerce and business transactions. Until they become more stable and predictable, their widespread use will be hampered.

Hayver Duitcoin: Drug & Alcohol Recovery Blockchain Crypto Token?

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  • Drug and alcohol addiction can ruin lives and cause irreparable damage to friends and family. It can be a daunting task to try to overcome alone, and rehabilitation programs have been proven to help. Now there is a rehab program that works with a cryptocurrency called duitcoin.
  • The Hayver Drug and Alcohol Duitcoin Program works with professional intervention, cryptocurrency awards, social support systems, and peer to peer accountability.

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Hayver Launches App to Fight Drug and Alcohol Addiction Using Blockchain Technology

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  • Hayver, a new drug, and alcohol recovery app, is aiming to provide a solution for those suffering from addiction while incentivising users with its own cryptocurrency, the Duitcoin, which will be issued using Ethereum.
  • Every user on the app has a peer group, also known as a circle of support, of between five and 20 people. According to Copenhaven, most have 10 in their support group. These can be made up of loved ones or people going through a similar situation, who help the individual embrace a sober lifestyle.
  • Copenhaven ends by saying that he hopes to raise the five-year recovery rate for anybody suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction.

Hayver adds cryptocurrency incentive to their addiction recovery program

  • Blockchain-based drug and alcohol rehabilitation — this is how Hayver is utilizing the blockchain technology. They’re the first community based on the blockchain technology to provide support and help for those seeking to recover from addiction.
  • By pairing addiction recovery with the blockchain technology, Hayver provides an open and viewable interface that allows partners to track their progress while providing cryptocurrency incentives.

Can Blockchains Help Solve the Drug and Alcohol Addiction Crisis?

Drug and alcohol addictions are a worsening crisis in the U.S.

Opioids in particular have garnered major media attention, having been declared a national public health emergency by the Department of Health and Human Services.

Hayver Is a Drug Recovery App That Rewards Users With Cryptocurrency

Drug and alcohol addictions are a worsening crisis in the U.S.

Opioids in particular have garnered major media attention, having been declared a national public health emergency by the Department of Health and Human Services.

Drug recovery app Hayver uses cryptocurrency as incentive

A new alcohol and drug recovery app that incentives users with its own cryptocurrency hit the market this week. Atlanta-based Hayver has just launched its new mobile app that uses behavioral modification and a support network to help people who are living with alcohol addiction.

“Its foundation is taken from physicians and pilot treatment programs and proven research that [shows] people who submit to random drug and alcohol screens after they have left a treatment center have a much higher chance of being sober, even after five years,” Dr. John M. Copenhaver, Hayver cofounder and chief medical officer, wrote to MobiHealthNews in an email. “Hayver is the only app that provides a psychological deterrent through peer-to-peer accountability and random drug screen[ings] plus a psychological incentive with cryptocurrency rewards (The Duitcoin), not only for the member but to the accountability network as well.”

The Israeli start-up that keeps drug addicts clean

Hayver uses the anonymity offered by Blockkin technology to help addicts stay clean. All you have to do is urinate in a special glass of the company and feed the results after two minutes to the application

The Israeli blockbuster world is expanding all the time with companies and start-ups that find original ways to make use of technology; One of them is the Israeli company Hayver, which provides its first service to monitor people suffering from drug and alcohol abuse. The technology, according to the company, will ensure that people who apply to rehabilitation institutions succeed in the process and remain clean over time. The system monitors people using a unique support circuit and through random urine tests

Hayver leverages blockchain to fight addiction

The blockchain may not appear to be the first source of relief for those suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction, but a new mobile platform — launched this week by US-based startup Hayver — could change all that. The company wants to help addicts remain sober by incentivizing behavior that is conducive to recovery, it states. Its software solution incorporates blockchain technology by creating a flexible open architecture and cryptocurrency incentives.

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